Patron Program beta
Introducing CODA's Exclusive Patron Program: A World of Artistic Discovery
CODA's Patron Program aims to enrich your digital art experience. Our Beta program invites the community to discover the future of CODA with us.

As a valued member of the program, you’ll have privileged access to a wealth of perks and bonuses such as early access to online exhibitions, discounts, and complimentary products, as well as an invitation to join our advisory board, giving you a say in the future planning and execution of CODA initiatives.

Patrons are also invited to exclusive events where you’ll connect with innovative artists, professional collectors, and expert curators. You’ll participate in curated auctions where you can acquire one-of-a-kind masterpieces from new and established artists handpicked by CODA.

Patron beta
Patron Tier: $600 / 12-month Subscription
During the beta stage the Patron tier will be limited to only 50 members with an entry price of $600, valid for 12 months. This exclusivity ensures a curated group of individuals who align with our beliefs, values, and dedication to supporting the future of art both on and off the blockchain.

Benefits are as follows:
  • Exclusive participation in curated auctions.
  • Trusted discovery of artists creating on chain.
  • Early access and recognition at all online exhibitions.
  • Guaranteed acquisition of CODA collaboration edition drops.
  • An invitation to join our advisory board to influence the direction of CODA.
  • Complimentary exhibit catalogs, capturing the essence of each artistic showcase.
  • Discount to the limited edition CODA art book featuring works from our exhibitions.
  • Exclusive previews and early acquisitions from quarterly exclusive merchandise drops.
  • Direct involvement in the planning and execution of artist onboarding workshops around Europe.

The Vision
An overview the Patron Program.
We’re developing a beta Patron Program limited to 50 members to test and refine our offerings before public release.

With your help, we are going to begin developing new tools within our platform such as CODA Collaborations & Private Auctions. This also includes hosting many more onboarding and in-person workshops.

We’ll also be striving to further our abilities as curators by enrolling in expert-led courses within traditional art markets. This will also upgrade our capacity to support, guide, and educate artists in turn.

Funds raised will go toward operation expenses, funding CODA Collections, IRL exhibitions & Onboarding Workshops.
Operational expenditures are as follows:
  • Twitter Blue
  • Team Salaries
  • Google Workspaces
  • Discord Server Boosting
  • Website Hosting Services
  • Onboarding Workshops
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Developer Expenses