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Held on 28.03.24, this virtual exhibition showcased 24 artists, blending traditional and digital art forms. CODA XVI highlighted the transformative power of digital tools applied to classical techniques, presenting innovative works that redefine the artistic landscape. From enhanced digital paintings to interactive installations, the exhibition served as a pivotal platform for exploring artistic revitalization, marking a significant moment in the CODA series.

CODA XV marked our 15th exhibition of highlighting pioneers of the digital art movement. With over 100 submissions to exhibit, we showcased 64 unique artists, established and emerging artists that released their genesis Solana artworks through our exhibition.

Our second virtual exhibition of 2024, CODA XIV - Confirmation. Hosting a space for over 60 artists, including genesis artowrks minted on Solana. The exhibition emphasised how the developing digital art movement is transforming the traditional art world by leveraging new technology and devices, as shown in each of the included pieces.

CODA XIII Formulation marked the first exhibition of 2024, featuring over 60 artists both established Solana artists as well as artists creating their genesis artworks on Solana. We are honoured to be the chosen platform for new artists on Solana as well as a staple platform dedicated to supporting artists.

CODA XII Ceremony celebrated the one year anniversary of Curations of Digital Art and our first physical exhibition hosted at Breakpoint 23 in Amsterdam, The exhibition featured 40 renowned artists and their outstanding works. Each piece featured in the exhibition showcased the potential that the new wave of digital art is bringing to the traditional art scene using new forms of technology and devices.

CODA XI Renaissance, the eleventh edition of the CODA exhibitions, featured a stunning collection of 32 fascinating artworks. This show is a tribute to the enormous originality and aesthetic beauty of digital art. Every work of art pays respect to the notion of oneness by expertly combining numerous artistic expressions, resulting in an immersive experience that takes spectators to a realm of incomparable visual appeal.

CODAˣ Cohesion, the tenth installment of CODA - Curations of Digital Art, showcased an extraordinary collection of more than 60 compelling artworks. This exhibition exemplifies the vast inventiveness and beauty of digital art. Each work of art honours the principle of coherence by seamlessly integrating various artistic expressions to immerse viewers in a realm of unparalleled visual appeal.

The ninth edition of the renowned CODA Exhibitions, CODA⁹ Symbiosis, featured a remarkable collection of over 60 captivating artworks. The exhibit exemplifies the boundless originality and genius that exists in the domain of digital art. Each artwork celebrates symbiosis, bringing together varied artistic expressions to transport you to new levels of visual beauty.

CODA⁸ Contour, the eighth instalment of the acclaimed CODA Exhibitions. With an astounding collection of over 60 breathtaking artworks, this exhibit stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and ingenuity found within the digital art world. From magnificent paintings that evoke awe to immersive animations that transport you to new dimensions.

CODA⁷ Convocation took place on 26.05.23, and resulted in our largest exhibition at the time of writing. A total of one hundred submissions came in, making for the most challenging curatorial process in CODA history. A consistent thread of high quality art permiated this exhibition, and resulted in one our most sublime events yet.

CODA⁶ Recurrence was held on 28.04.23. A magnificent exhibition showcasing the best and brightest in digital art. This exhibition, which featured an astonishing 64 artists and their magnificent works, a genuine celebration of creativity and technology. It was our largest and most awe-inspiring display to date, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who attended.

CODA⁵ Resonance – the fifth concurrent exhibition – took place on 31.03.23, featuring pioneering artists. Their boundary-pushing works made an indelible mark on the world of digital art, with each piece showcasing a magnificent fusion of art and technology. Every piece, from spectacular photography to mesmerising generative art, was a real masterpiece.

CODA⁴ Assembly, our fourth virtual exhibition, held on February 25th, 2023 including over 30 talented creators. Each piece was a breathtaking display of ingenuity, creativity, and passion, combining vivid colours, captivating visuals, and cutting-edge technology to create absolutely unique experiences. It made an unforgettable imprint on the field of digital art and raised the standard for future displays.

CODA³ Rationale was our inaugural virtual exhibition of 2023, showcasing the digital craftsmanship of 32 visionary artists via mesmerising animations and jaw-dropping mixed media creations. It was a ground-breaking creative show that set the tone for an extraordinary year of innovative art.

CODA² Passepartout was a first look at what this project could be. The influx of new artists submitting work to the gallery reach a new epoch with a total of 70 submissions. A larger gallery space was put in place to host every submitted artwork for the second exhibition.

CODA¹ Genesis was the initiation of the Curations of Digital Art project, the first virtual exhibition of its kind held on 27.10.22. Showcasing over 30 artists from the Solana ecosystem to help connect artists and collectors within the space.


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