CODA - Curations of Digital Art
CODA, or Curations of Digital Art, is a monthly virtual NFT exhibition platform that celebrates and supports digital artists' exceptional talents while establishing meaningful interactions between creators and collectors. Our objective is to deliver an immersive, curated experience that features cutting-edge virtual galleries showcasing pioneering digital art

As a thriving community of artists, collectors, and curators, we are connected by a love of digital art and a desire to foster innovation, collaboration, and connection in the ever-changing NFT world. Discover CODA's enthralling world and embark on an incredible trip into the future of art.

Our exhibitions are designed to be inclusive and collaborative, allowing each artist to showcase their work. Simply fill out the submission form or contact one of our dedicated Curators to participate in our virtual exhibitions

We ask that you limit your submissions to one per person so that we can feature as many creators as possible. Our team is dedicated to collaborating with you to ensure that your artistic vision is realised and your work is displayed exactly as you envision it.

Regarding minting artworks, we ask you to mint your submissions as normal but wait to list your pieces until the time of the exhibition. We will release a list of exhibiting artists closer to the time of the event.

Join us as we bring the NFT community together and celebrate the incredible talents of digital artists from around the world in this dynamic and immersive experience.

We believe in fostering a lively and friendly community that promotes the advancement of digital art. We humbly request a goodwill donation of 5% of your sale proceeds in order to sustain our platform and continue promoting your incredible artwork. These contributions provide the gasoline that propels CODA to greater heights, allowing us to grow and remain a beacon for the artistic community.